Baskets and Elements for Air and Gas Pre-heaters

Baskets and Elements for Air-Gas and Gas-Gas Preheaters

ERS manufactures baskets of elements for regenerative Air-Gas preheaters and Gas-Gas reheaters, all according to customer specifications.

The most common materials for manufacturing the enclosure are usually: St-37.2 Steel, COR-TEN Steel and Stainless Steel.

As for the elements, we cover the existing profiles on the market, including the most common ones such as: NF, DU, CU, KH-11, V75, etc.

The most common steel grades for the elements are DC01, COR-TEN, 409 stainless steel, etc. In addition to those mentioned above, we manufacture ENAMELED elements using DC04ED steel as base material and electrostatically applied vitreous powder. The result of this process gives the product excellent adhesion, homogeneous coverage (150-160 microns per side), axle coverage without depositing additional material, and high resistance to acid attack.