Seals & Spare Parts

Seals and spare parts for preheaters

ERS manufactures all kinds of seals for air heaters and gas reheaters, including radial, axial circumferential, rotor pole, etc. in COR-TEN steel, stainless steel and enameled steel.

We also manufacture expansion joints for COR-TEN and stainless steel ducts. We supply elastic gaskets with high resistance to acids, as well as grids for elements of baskets in the cold zone in A-42-b steel, COR-TEN steel, etc.

We make rack pinions for the control mechanism of air preheaters, in heat treated steels (Induction process), with a hardness between 50-60 HRC.
We manufacture sprockets with special attention to areas subject to wear, obtaining excellent products with hardnesses between the aforementioned ranges.